JA Counter, Alera Group’s GAMECHANGER© portfolio is a suite of solutions for self-funded employers that challenge the status quo. Only by challenging the status quo will employers be able to deliver better employee health outcomes while reducing spending on health benefits at the same time.

Our portfolio is unique in that it contains innovative clinical and payment-based solutions that address the three most pressing healthcare problems that drive both run-away healthcare cost inflation and poor member health outcomes. Most employer benefit plans do not tackle these three critically important issues.

  •  Misdiagnosis (wrong care)
  • Over-utilization (too much care)
  • Pricing failure (no correlation between price and quality)



How the GAMECHANGER© Portfolio Can Help You?

The five following categories of innovative solutions are the most important in terms of improvement in the quality of care and cost-reduction for employers and their associates.

  1. Primary Care
    • Implementing solutions to fix this foundational component of our healthcare system.
  2. Select Diagnostic Groupings
    • Providing improved care delivery models and payment methods to high-need health plan members to improve health and lower spending.
  3. Pharmaceutical
    • Providing innovative solutions to reign in the cost of pharmacy spending often including oversight to ensure effectiveness of prescribed medications for members.
  4. Value Purchasing
    • Improving provider pricing transparency and alternative payment methods.
  5. Member Literacy and Engagement
    • Helping plan members navigate the complex healthcare system, allowing them to understand and engage with the solutions available in the GAMECHANGER© portfolio.