The 2020 Western Wisconsin Benefit Benchmarking Survey is Now Open!

To participate in JA Counter's annual Western Wisconsin Benefit Benchmarking Survey, please CLICK HERE!

We often get asked why we conduct this complimentary survey…it’s easy, our core purpose is to make a difference!

We know that taking care of your employees is a critical part of your job, and you work hard to make sure you’re attracting and retaining talent with your benefits.  Even with a critical priority, it’s hard to know how your benefits stack up against others in your market.

The survey was designed with your needs in mind.

  • It’s EASY!  You can complete it at any time, and return to it later if needed.
  • It’s COMPREHENSIVE, covering more than just insurance;
  • It’s CONFIDENTIAL.  No business outside of our firm will know that your business participated in the survey, and no one outside our agency will have access to your benefits data!

The survey is open now, but will close on Friday, March 6th.

Once the results are ready, a benefit consultant will come to deliver the booklet and provide an overview of findings, trends and notable highlights.

No cost.
No pressure.

Just valuable information that will help you make forward-looking changes to your benefit plans so you can attract, and retain your most valuable asset—your employees.

Take the survey today and look forward to a better tomorrow!


Gain strategic insights into your benefit plans versus employers in your industry and region

In an increasingly tight talent market, organizations need to look at all ways to keep their most valuable employees and recruit new talent. A purely financial inducement may help in the short-term but is unlikely to compensate for the other areas of work and career fulfillment that today’s employees seek.

Organizations who are training and recruiting top talent are organizations who have taken a strategic approach to their overall employee benefits plan. Establishing a focus on total rewards and integrating benefits into your strategic initiatives will take you to next level with talent retention and recruitment.

Benchmarking provides an effective way to evaluate market strategies to keep you at the forefront of total rewards as a strategic priority. For nearly 20 years JA Counter has created an annual Western Wisconsin Benefit Benchmarking report that is complimentary to any survey participant. In addition, through the Alera Group resources, JA Counter leverages national benchmarking and data through data analytic providers, carriers and Milliman benchmarking tools.