Lower your healthcare costs and improve your employees’ health risk profile

JA Counter’s approach of coordinating biometric screenings, health assessments and coaching and applying the results to an incentive structure has been highly successful in improving the health risk profile of an organization.  JA Counter has taken this approach further by shifting from wellness to wellbeing.

The Alera Group's wellness thought leaders recognize that the best workplace wellbeing programs target all six facets of wellbeing and lead to more engagement, cost savings and higher retention.  Our approach in career, social, financial, physical, emotional and community wellbeing will result in fewer injuries and illness-related absences, lower stress levels and fewer claims on your health insurance plan.

Our solutions make it easy to engage your workforce and get them excited to embrace and sustain a wellbeing program that works. We help develop a custom strategy that is designed with a focus on your unique culture to help you recruit, retain and develop top talent.