Save Time. Add Resources. Reduce Risk. Expand Your Capabilities.

AleraHR is a service we proudly provide complimentary to any size client within JA Counter.  The AleraHR suite of solutions will provide the HR knowledge, risk and safety resources and compliance expertise to help our clients be more productive, easily comply with workplace regulations and avoid litigation. AleraHR will provide tools and resources that minimize your exposure to expenses for attorneys or HR consultants.

AleraHR’s dynamic tools, checklists, builders and guides enable rapid deployment of HR best practices across the entire organization.



Existing clients can login here or on the top of our website from any page.  Looking for an overview of AleraHR as a new client or general refresher?  We do those monthly via webinar.


AleraHR.  Advice, tools and training to help keep companies compliant and help them grow.