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September Employee Spotlight: Lexi Bacon


Lexi is the newest addition to our JAC team and we are excited to have her on board.  Her role as an Account Coordinator primarily involves assisting groups of under 50 employees with the Account Manager. If you want the details on her work life, check out her bio here.  But, if you want the details on the fun stuff…keep reading!

  • Lexi is from St. Paul, MN.  She has lived in North St. Paul, including Woodbury and Maplewood.
  • Her mom is her hero. Always a phone call away (call 2x if it’s an emergency & she almost ALWAYS answers), she is Lexi’s shoulder to cry on, the #1 supporter and fan, road trip buddy, and best friend! Lexi said “I’m so thankful for the relationship I’ve grown to have with my Mom.”
  • Lexi’s first job was at Wooddale Funzone in Woodbury, MN. It’s a roller rink and Lexi was first hired on as counter staff at age 14, eventually climbing the ranks to a birthday hostess and DJ!  She stated it was a fun first job and a great place to learn customer service.
  • Lexi is secretly great at slow-pitch softball!  She will spend her Sundays this fall playing this game she loves so much!
  • And why do we always ask about the directional preference of toilet paper?  It isn’t yet clear, but Lexi is an over–“for sure“.
  • Lexi loves sports and prefers to represent her home teams!  “Go Twinkies, Vikes, and Wild!! 😊 Those are really the only teams I pay attention to (MLB, NFL, and NHL)“.
  • Like many others, Lexi is about to let that laundry slide for as long as possible.  “I will let my clean clothes pile up for weeks, and then spend one afternoon putting it all away. But, this is definitely my weakness to my cleanliness.
  • Lexi is a first-generation college student and very proud of it!  “That has been a huge struggle for me, but also single-handedly the most rewarding accomplishment I’ve achieved thus far, and has shaped my identity in so many ways.
  • Lexi is pretty active within her community.  She tries to volunteer with Feed My Starving Children at LEAST once a year. She plays local, community softball in St. Paul on Sundays, and tries to donate the extra dollar whenever she can while purchasing food.   “I started volunteering at FMSC years ago through my church, I believe, and eventually did it for school community hours for National Honor Society. For Softball, I found the league through a Facebook page. I plan to get connected with SHRM through my University.  I keep going back as it is a fun, easy and rewarding way to help out in places you otherwise couldn’t.”

Lexi you are an impressive woman that brings incredible value and energy to our team!  We are so thankful to have you represent the JAC Way with all you do!  We are proud to have you, and proud of you!