A relationship based on your interests

Your investment strategy should offer a sense of security. As an independent firm since 1976 we deliver unbiased oversight of assets.  JA Counter is committed to your long-term success.

A Disciplined Approach
When you work with JA Counter, we will work to understand your financial objectives so your investments can align with your goals. Your JA Counter advisor will examine your risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, and liquidity needs — all of which will help us determine who you are as an investor.

Next, we will customize your investment portfolio, working with you to determine the appropriate asset allocation and selection of investments. We will continue to review and update your portfolio periodically as your needs and objectives change and evolve.

Our goal is to help our clients accumulate long-term wealth through sound asset allocation techniques that focus on portfolio growth while intelligently managing risk.

Big Firm Capability. Personalized Service
Our recommended investment portfolio combines all of the facets of our investment philosophy and process in helping you to pursue your long term goals. We recommend meeting with you periodically to review your asset allocation and to ascertain whether the portfolio mix remains appropriate for current market conditions and your investment objectives.