In times of transition, whether voluntary or involuntary, employees have many decisions to make.  When you leverage JA Counter’s Transition Counts Program, we will provide individualized support for employees that empowers them to make informed decisions when navigating difficult options.  This free service allows employees peace of mind with simplified decision making and removes the employer burden of administration.  

Why Transition Counts for Employers?

  • Improves employee experience:  Making separation of employment as smooth as possible will improve the employee experience with your organization.
  • Removes administrative burden: Your team can focus on their other priorities while a third party expert helps navigate confusing options available to those in transition.
  • Limits employer liability: The employer will have no influence on the employee's decisions when a third party takes over education of post employment options.
  • Cost containment:  Often times the best option for the individual's budget is also a savings on the employer's group health plan.  Keeping individuals educated at all times is a cost containment strategy that can be easily implemented through the Transition Counts program.

To participate in the Transition Counts Program, complete the Transition Counts Form and our experts will be in touch!

Why Transition Counts for Employees?

Separation of employment can be confusing and stressful.  Many employees do not understand their benefits while they are employed, much less the options at termination.  Our team will help employees through the difficult and confusing maze of options available to them.  Whether it's COBRA, Marketplace Health Insurance, Medicare plans, Short Term Medical, ancillary or voluntary insurance, or 401k rollovers, we will help them find the best option for their budget needs.


Meet the Transition Counts Team:

Jessica Langeness                                   Rich Potvin                                   Andy Rineck

                        Jessica Langeness                                      Rich Potvin                                         Andy Rineck