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October Employee Spotlight: Linda Skoglund

A woman who needs no introduction!  Quite literally– you can’t take her anywhere without getting spotted by someone she knows.

You can read Linda’s bio if you are interested in how she took over all shares in JA Counter from her father (Jim).  You can see nearly the entire alphabet stringing behind her name, how she joined the Benefit Advisor Network, and was one of the founding managing partners to form Alera Group.  She has done a lot of amazing things, but that bio only describes a sliver of who Linda Skoglund really is.

Linda was born in Milwaukee and moved to New Richmond when she was 8 years old.  She started cleaning and babysitting for spending money when she was 10 years old.  At 15, and throughout high school, she held three jobs: Edson’s Department Store, Skoglund Oil and filing at JA Counter.  Linda is the only one of her siblings to graduate from college.

Around the house facts:

  • least favorite chore: cleaning the litter box and dealing with hair that is stuck in the drain
  • toilet paper’s got to be over
  • secret talent = making homemade caramels

That caramel making must really be a secret– none of us have ever dabbled into these alleged caramels…

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Linda.  It’s easy for anyone to see the passionate, energetic, positive, hard working entrepreneurial spirit that shines in Linda’s every move.  We love her for her need to always make a difference in everything she does, leading with integrity and wisdom, being a true pioneer with courage to take reasonable risk, expecting more from herself than she does from others, having fanatical attention to service, consistency and detail, and inspiring (and teaching) excellence and success to those around her.  She is a gorgeous person inside and out, is supportive and caring, and we want Linda to know that she means the world to us and ‘we got your back’!